3D Optical Illusion Wall Led Lamp - OPPO BALL -

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Studio Cheha developpe and made design articles. Playing with visual illusions, create products that don't always appear as they seem at first glance.

A new era of has landed. The OPPO Collection is an organic transformation from Optical Illusion Table Lamp serie to a modern wall feature and sophisticated design piece. STUDIOCHEHA enrich in this way its proposals, giving us these new wonderfull and amazing wall lamps.

OPPO BALL is a stunning 2-D LED wall lamp featuring the spherical line-details of a globe. 

This lamp is made from a thin and strong sheet of acrylic glass that has been laser engraved to create light-emitting 3-D forms. Once turned on, the lamp creates a powerful optical illusion that challenges our perception of space. 



Height : 30 cm 

Width : 23 cm

Technical features

Plastic base

Acrylic glass


3 mt. adjustable black fabric cord 

Black metal wall hanger

Power: 220V

Warranty: 1 year


Delivery:  within 3 weeks


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